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3 Self-Soothing Techniques to Calm Yourself During Moments of Stress

Posted on April 15 2021

It is natural for humans to feel worried or upset every now and then. It is, in fact, quite a normal part of everyday life. But what do you do when that worry takes over you, cocoons in an unending cycle of stress and anxiety? Calming yourself down in such moments are definitely much easier said than done.

During times of stress, you don’t feel like yourself. Your emotions run high and you feel overwhelmed by everything around you. This is where self-soothing techniques can prove to be incredibly beneficial. Here are a few things you can do to manage your emotions, relieve stress, and relax your body and mind:

1. Try an aromatherapy massage

An aromatherapy massage can help alleviate some of the physical and emotional factors that may be bogging you down and making your life stressful. It will not just soothe your body and relieve aches, but also provide you with some beautiful moments of calm and tranquility. For best results, use a lavender massage oil that has proven to be an effective way to reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Enjoy an at-home spa experience

There is nothing quite like self-care when it comes to stress relief, and a rejuvenating spa experience is just what you need. With only a few essentials, you can create an indulgent at-home spa to pamper yourself and ease some of that stress. Draw yourself a warm bath. Light up some scented candles. Play some soothing melodies. And most importantly, give your bath the luxurious treatment with an assortment of aromatherapy products like lavender bath salts, oils, body lotions, and so on.

3. Practice conscious breathing

Conscious breathing is also a great way to regain a sense of calm and relaxation. There are certain breathing exercises that can help keep both your mind and body and shape. You can try a wide range of exercises, including equal breathing, abdominal breathing, alternate nostril breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, and more. The key is to remain conscious as you inhale and exhale. You can light up one or two scented candles to create a more peaceful ambience.

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