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The Nose Don’t Lie!: Forging Deeper Pet Connections Through Lavender Spray

Posted on June 15 2021

The impact of fragrances on our lives has a primitive origin, and the concept of fragrance attraction and olfactory influences go way beyond the phenomenal level. Research indicates that synthetic fragrances affect the perception of attraction and attribute to beauty-unrelated intrinsic characteristics. It is not restricted to adding to one’s sex appeal or a specific species (only humans). It is a well-accepted fact that cats and dogs have a heightened and a better sense of smell than humans. The sense of smell is one of the most crucial survival factors for animals.

With up to 220 million scent receptors in their noses (while humans have only 5 million olfactory receptors), a dog’s sense of smell is exponentially more significant than humans. This is one reason why dogs are opted for rescue operations, find missing hikers, locate smuggled narcotics, and even detect changes in blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

From locating food, mating to establishing territory, and identifying enemies, the nasal organ is one of the most utilized organs of animals. If you look at your dog now (or maybe later), you can probably spot him/ her smell one or the other thing.

It’s kind of mindless now to explain why there’s a current trend among pet dads and moms to buy lavender pet spray online. Although there hasn’t been much research on studying the impact of scent over a pet and their behavior, there are certain revelations in fragrance’s physical and emotional effects over pets. You can find evidence into the daily conduct of your pet. From dogs rolling in the grass immediately after taking a bath to cover their dump in dirt and mud, these are efforts to conceal their body fragrance.

Fragrances are a great way to induce relaxation and calm, not only for pet owners but also for your pet pooch. One research revealed that using aromatherapy with the odor of lavender and chamomile lessens travel-induced anxiety among dogs and alleviates stress.

Plus, let’s not overlook the advantage of skipping baths. With our ever-mundane and busy lives, investing in a lavender pet spray is a practical solution to save time and let go of bathing your cat/ dog for just one day. Also, let’s admit it- your pet will probably be thankful for this as there’s hardly any furry being who tends to enjoy baths and to get clean.

Bath or no bath, a pet-friendly lavender spray not only saves the efforts for your pet but also ensures endless cuddling and pet gala time minus any stinky smell. At The Lavender Shop, we carry a carefully curated line of mild and pet-friendly that keep your dog feel and smell fresh while preventing any flea situation without any toxic chemicals. Feel free to browse our specially crafted, tested, and dog-approved fragrance selection for dogs for more details.

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