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Fiat Luxe - Felted Soaps

Fiat Luxe is an artisanal felted soap and textile design company located in the heart of Sonoma County’s wine country. 

From the beginning, Fiat Luxe made a commitment to use only natural ingredients, sourced locally (as much as possible), and does not use cheap, synthetic fragrances. All soaps are scented with botanically-derived essential oils only, added generously so you may experience the aromas down to the last sliver.

Fiat Luxe’s cold-process soap is made in small batches by stirring melted vegetable oils into a lye solution until thick. The solution is then poured into molds and left to rest undisturbed for a few days before hand-cutting the partially-cured soap into bars.

The bars of soap are then cured in ventilated trays for three to four weeks before they are ready for felting.

Your felted soap needs a little coaxing at first to get that wonderful lather working. Before you try it out in the bath or shower, soak your new felted soap in a bowl of hot water overnight.

This will help soften the hard, cured bar of soap encased inside the wool covering.

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