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Heatable lavender spa products to warm and soothe practically any part of your body!
Heat in the microwave according to directions and enjoy warm, moist heat right where you want it. Soothes the muscles and soothes the mind. New fabrics are introduced twice a year.  
Every fabric is soft and cozy and best of all, cold water washable in the washing machine! Just don't wash the insert!
The inserts can be refreshed as desired with Lavender Essential Oil.
Sit back and relax with the Lavender Heated Spa product that suits your needs.
Chill in the freezer for a cooling experience.



Amethyst Luxe *New!
Purple Bloom *New!
Silver Houndstooth *New!
Angora Lilac Wisp
Angora Platinum
Arctic Circle
Embroidered Lavender
Lavender Dot
Violet Vine
Plush Plata
Grapemist Cuddle
Platinum Vine


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