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More than a century ago, in a tiny village on France's Lure Mountain, the Vogade family spent their days living among some of the freshest aromatic plants of Haute- Provence. Sage, lavender and thyme filled the lush mountain air with their heady scents year-round. To earn their living, the Vogades began burning the plentiful harvests of these plants at the nearby Mouranchon distillery. The end result proved to be priceless: more than 1000 litres of pure plant essences, dense with flavour and aroma, were produced each year. From this, some of the highest-quality cosmetics and medicines of the time were made. 
Infused with this rich spirit and history, Denis and Dominique Vogade now carry on the lifestyle celebrated by their grandparents with the creation of Lothantique, a modern company that combines old-world provencal tradition and technique with new-world technology. 
Selecting only the best ingredients from the most elite areas of the world, including Haute-Provence, Lothantique strives to recreate the handmade quality and uniqeness first engaged by the Vogades of Haute- Provence in order to bring you the finest selection of effective and luxurious bath and beauty products.

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