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Black & White Booties, Footies & Mittens


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SPA BOOTIES Soothe and warm your feet with these luxurious Spa Booties with removable lavender insert. Just microwave booties for 30-60 seconds and slip on your feet for a moist, aromatic heat that soothes feet and improves circulation. For healing dry feet, apply Lavender Foot Balm, wrap your feet in plastic bags and slip into heated booties. The penetrating heat soothes tired feet and helps the lavender lotion absorb into skin and work it`s magic. Your feet feel soft and rejuvinated. One size fits 6-10 $45.00

HEATED FOOTIES Slip your feet into these comfy footies; with or without the lavender flaxseed inserts. For a special treat, apply Lavender Foot Balm and heat your footies in the microwave. Lavender relaxes, as the flaxseed holds the healing heat. Can be frozen for swollen feet. The covers can be removed and washed. Fit sizes 6-10 $42.00

SPA MITTENS (not shown) The ultimate in relaxation and heat therapy for your tired, cold and dry hands! The aromatherapy of lavender brings deep relaxation while the heat brings long-lasting relief for aching muscles. Microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy moist, fragrant heat to soothe hard-working hands. For dry hands, lavish Lavender Hand Crème on hands an pull on your toasty mittens (you can use plastic bags over mittens if your wish). Removable inserts are filled with lavender flowers and flaxseed. $42.00


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