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l'Essentiel de lavande Facial Mask with Lavender Honey


This plant-based moisturising complex contains anti-oxidants and is enriched with comfrey, ispaghul extracts, propolis and organic lavandin essential oil to cleanse, purify, repair and nourish the skin.
Take a break to detox and purity your complexion with this Honey Face Mask enriched with propolis and organic essential oil of lavandin. This natural plant complex contains anti-oxidant elements which cleanse, purify, heal and nourish your skin.
Apply the Honey Face Mask once a week onto the face and neck, you will find your skin has become radiant and supple!
l'Essential de Lavande products do not contain parabens, silicones,  thiazolinones  or  hydrocarbons.
They have not been tested on animals.
50ml / Jar 1.7fl/oz

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